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We are trying to make life easier for those who want to hire some siick Dj's for parties or big functions What ever it might be that requires good music it wouldnt be a mistake to hire us out. We have our details on the page so anyone of you can get hold of us with ease. If you would like to hire us out you could expect to hear crazy beats being dropped at your party, just to give you an idea of what we play heres the list. dUb, Drum & Bass/Drum step, 2 Step Try step_thats trance and dubsteb its quite siek, Future Garage, Grime, Progressive, Dirty Electro , Dutch and so much more.

Just to show you that we not playing around here.s the list of equipment we rock with:
2 Bearinger boxes with 8 10 inch subs in both, very powerfull
2 terminators with 2 17.s in each box we play off all the speekers
U.v lights to strobes smoke and lazers really maad lighting
2 amps to run everything off
CDJ 900, DJM 750 and HdJ 1000 headphones

We charge R1200 for the night Including including equipment + petrol and R300 per hour with no equipment.

We got Phat Nuts and Barely legal as our supporting crews, these guys are siek. Point blank can rock your party and weill make sure poeple will be talking about your parties for days after so please contact us if needed , you cant go wrong with us .

Peace out and love you all long time

To contact Point Blank email us at:


This website---> will be exposing dj and street artist in the cape and will be showing you some really well known dj's and artist from around the world..
you will find songs and pictures which you will be able to download on your pc or phone for FREE! eeyoh!
We will be exposing dj's in Cape Town such as:
Barely Legal (AKA FWB)
Filthy Domitri
Dj Potjie
Phat Nutz
and many more..
If u want us to expose you!
just email :)

Dj's that we will have downloads for you to listen to will be:
Wolfgang Gartner
Chase and Status
and many more..
Let us know your favourite dj's and songs and we'll put the songs on our website :)

we will also be tacking pics at parties and events...feel free to tag yourself if you are in our photo's :)

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