Liquid Events

Liquid Enterprises first brought you Liquid Music Promotions and now we are bringing you Liquid Event Promotions.

What is Liquid Event Promotions?
Liquid Event Promtions offers people that want to throw an event in the future:
*Promotion! This requires us to put the event up on PDUB dj music, Liquid Music Promotions, Twitter, and the Facebook Pages.
*Venue! We will organise the venue which means, NO STRESS for YOU!!! We also offer if needed a loan for the deposit.
*DJ's! We will hook up some of Cape town's best DJ's contacts.
*Photographers! If you want photographers at the event we are able to hook you up with the very best.
*Bouncers! We know some big mean bouncers that we could contact if needed for your event.

For more information contact: